Hydraulic impact hammers

Our company «BUR & MOLOT» represents the brand of pile-driving equipment — «BM» (analogous to Junttan). The construction of pile-driving hammers ensures the simplicity, efficiency and safety of their operation. High efficiency and reliability of hydraulic hammers «BM» is achieved through the use of high-quality materials and components.

Models and main technical characteristics of pile-driving hydraulic breakers «BM»

Maximum energy, kNm607182
Maximum hight, m1.21.21.2
Number of beats per minute40-10040-10040-100
Weight of the impact part, t567
Total weight, t8.79.611
Oil consumption, l/min390390390
Working pressure, bar170175185

Advantages of use

Pile driving hammers are modern technically advanced equipment. The main advantages of a hydraulic hammer:

Ultra-precise power adjustment in a wide range. The operator is able to determine the strength of the shock energy developed by the impact part, depending on the model in a different range. This function allows you to select the optimum operating mode for different types of soil;

The pile-driving hydraulic hammer has the maximum possible impact energy among the technique of such designation with comparable cost and technical characteristics of the power plant’s power. This makes it possible to drive the piles without using additional technologies of lead drilling, earth washing, etc .;

Gentle mode of operation. Despite the high power and the possibility of intensive operation with the maximum technical parameters, the head of the pile is not deformed;

Effective cushioning system. It protects the working parts of the pile-driving equipment from negative dynamic influences and extinguishes shock vibration transmitted to the ground.

Cooperation with the company «BUR AND MOLOT»

We sell «BM» hydraulic hammers (analog «Junttan»). And also the implementation of spare parts and repair of equipment for foundation engineering. For obtaining the necessary information on prices, terms and technical characteristics, please call +7(981) 791-99-77 or write a request to bachinin@burmolot.ru.