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In many construction companies with a large fleet of equipment, some of the equipment for pile installation and drilling has been idle for years in repairs. Some machines due to lack of spare parts and staff time as a result of disassembled parts. “Bur and Molot” provides a full range of services in the field of engineering: selection, design and modernization of drilling equipment of different brands.

The experience of our engineering service allows us to select the best technical solutions for the modernization of drilling equipment. Employees of “drill and hammer” turn useless, idle on repair machine in working equipment, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Technical solutions are selected based on the following parameters:

  1. Stability, strength and power of the power plant.
  2. The control of the basic machine.
  3. Characteristics of the hydraulic system.
  4. The economic component of the project.

With the successful modernization of the equipment, the client saves a significant amount of money and keeps the basic machine. The additional options used in this case have a modular version, do not radically change the design of the basic machine and system, so it is always possible to return to the original version of the operation.

Design work includes several stages: the creation of technical specifications, the development of technical design taking into account the tasks and characteristics of the base machine, the exact follow-up action plan. As a result, the client receives the installed equipment that meets the strict requirements of environmental and industrial safety, with high economic efficiency.

Our company performs various works on modernization of equipment for drilling and piling works:

  1. Transformation of excavators and cranes into pile-making installations.
  2. Modernization of drilling rigs for piling operations.
  3. Modernization of pile-driving rigs, used for drilling leader.
  4. The implementation of adapting the equipment to the technique of various types.

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