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Equipment Brand Names

“DRILL AND HAMMER” provides service support of equipment imported fundamentstroyarkos. Machinery Junttan It is our main specialization.
partner13 Sany Sany Group is an international company, engaged in manufacture of construction equipment and offering a great range of machinery for concrete processing, excavating machinery, caterpillar cranes, pile-driving equipment, highway engineering, seaport machinery and wind turbines.
13591_Junttan_logo_slogan_RGB Junttan Junttan specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of hydraulic piling machinery.
Allpacks logo A spokesman for the company Allpacks. Represented the vibratory hammer series of AM and Fm
partner5 PVE Equipment proposed by PVE can be combined in the following groups: hydraulic pile-driving and drilling equipment, hydraulic jumper bits, hydraulic power subs, hydraulic stations and accessories such as auger cleansers, concrete pumps and pile-driving leaders.
фундекс Fundex IIHC Fundex designs, manufactures and supplies completely hydraulic plants for production of various types of pile foundations.
BANUT BANUT ABI Maschinenfabrik und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (Germany) proposes rigid masts and hydraulic hammer under a label BANUT.
cassagrande Casagrande Casagrande SpA is a world manufacturer of machinery for foundation works. The company designs and produces hydraulic caterpillar cranes, drilling plants for manufacture of large-diameter piles, soil-embedded wall, small-diameter piles, equipment for operation in tunnels, equipment for geothermal drilling and for soil jet grouting.
solimec-1 Soilmec Drilling and foundation construction equipment.
partner15 Liebherr Equipment for specific foundation construction.

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