Preowned Machinery

Used Equipment

We buy and sell used equipment

Our company offers machinery with running brands such as Junttan, PVE, Bauer, Fundex, Soilmec, Liebherr.

  • Diagnostic techniques used / have carried out “BUR & MOLOT” customer service
  • The guarantee of legal purity of the proposed technology.
  • We provide a guarantee for the proposed machinery with operating time.
  • Additional discounts for customers of used machinery, spare parts -10% and services – 10%.

You want to sell used piling, drilling machinery, or vibratory pile hammer?

We can help you realize Pile-driving and drilling companies Junttan, PVE, Bauer, Fundex, Liebherr, Soilmec, vibratory pile hammer Movax, ICE, PVE, PTC, Muller, breaker Junttan.

We accept a commission used machinery
following companies Junttan, PVE, Fundex, Liebherr, Bauer, Soilmec. We have extensive experience and established sales piling machinery, drilling equipment, vibratory pile hammer.

You will be profitable:

  • Is it safe to sell piling, drilling machinery, vibratory pile hammer, hydraulic hammer.
  • Save time and not worry about finding a buyer.
  • Quickly sell special equipment for the highest possible price.
  • Assess the equipment and determine its market value.
  • Place an ad for the sale of specialized equipment on specialized sites.
  • We will take care of all expenses to locate a buyer, placing advertising and design the final document, as well as other organizational matters. Thus, you save your energy, time and money.

The procedure of the transaction:

  • We make a commission agreement.
  • After sales. You pay sales commission, which is negotiated in advance and is prescribed in the contract of commission.

Our company also provides:

  • We buy used machinery under the brand Junttan, PVE.
  • The most favorable conditions for TRADE IN used breakers under the brand Junttan, PVE or new breakers under the brand «BUR & MOLOT».

If you want to change the used breaker Junttan to the new breaker «BUR & MOLOT», we can help,
taking the value of your old breaker instead we supply new.
The redemption price shall be determined by the results of a joint inspection service department experts «BUR & MOLOT» and your company.

For all your questions about the purchase and sale of drilling, pile machinery reply

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