Our Team

Thanks to a dedicated and experienced engineering team, BUR & MOLOT is able to fulfil any demand and requirement from the market.
Each team member has a great experience in repair and maintenance of many types of equipment.

Бачинин Сергей Юрьевич Sergey Bachinin
Tel: (812) 927-93-55
Mobile: +7-981-791-99-77
E-mail: bachinin@burmolot.ru
Петров Александр Васильевич Alexander Petrov
Chief Engineer
Tel: (812) 927-93-55
Mobile: +7-981-793-99-77
E-mail: petrov@burmolot.ru
Кошелев_new Maxim Koshelev
Commercial Director
Tel: (812) 927-93-55
Mobile: +7-981-792-99-77
E-mail: koshelev@burmolot.ru
Черноусов_new Alexander Chernousov
Technical Director
Tel: (812) 927-93-55
Mobile: +7-981-794-99-77
E-mail: chernousov@burmolot.ru
Dmitriy Zelenko
Head of service
Tel: (812) 927-93-55
Пядышев Виктор Александрович Viktor Piadyshev
Leading engineer service department
Twenty-five years of experience with the technique of Junttan, PVE, BAUER, FUNDEX.
Tel: (812) 927-93-55
logo Astankov Sergey
Leading engineer service department
Ten-year experience with the technique Junttan
Tel: (812) 927-93-55



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