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Electronic inclinometer (Goniometer)

Electronic inclinometer is designed to measure and reproduce the readings of the angles of inclination relative to two mutually perpendicular axes.

Interface inclinometer (protractor) BM-ПИУ2О

электронные-компоненты1The instrument panel includes both digital displays and led visualized discrete rulers with one degree deviation from the vertical and the indicator square in the center for the perception of true zero. The digital display in the standard version provides data with an accuracy of 0.1°, but at the request of the customer (specified separately) it is possible to make changes, and thus increase the accuracy by an order of magnitude.

Depending on the location of the sensor, it is possible to: change the axis, take the value of any reference point, add a function – to issue an electric signal to the performing elements, with the testimony of a certain angle. Also, if desired, the sensor can be mounted in the housing of the display panel.

Sensor inclinometer (protractor) BM-DU2O

Designed to control the angle of inclination of the equipment and its elements in the range of ±55° from the reference point. The digital data interface enables it to be integrated into complex data collection and processing systems. A high degree of protection from the effects of weather conditions, vibrations, shock loads can guarantee proper operation. Fully water-resistant design and metal-plated housing, as well as sealed connectors allow the use of the sensor in the open air at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.

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