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A hydraulic hammer is a specialized type of attachment for piling special equipment, and it can also be installed on a crane. These multifunctional units are used not only for immersing piles of various designs in frozen soil, but also for compacting unstable or bulk soils.

In the company “DRILL AND HAMMER” you can buy a hydraulic hammer with a frame type of guides. For such shock assemblies, guides for moving the shock part are made in the form of a rigid structure due to the provided transverse links. It can be either a closed solid box, or several jumper plates. Its functioning is accompanied by a small noise emission at an efficiency of about 80%. Due to its unique design, it can be used for driving all types of land and sea piles and for foundation work.

Types of breakers

We offer to buy piling hydraulic hammers of the following types:

  • IHC IQIP S and SC Series Products. Depending on the model, the impact energy can fluctuate in the range of 30 kJ – 4000 kJ. They are specially designed for driving concrete and steel piles.
  • Junttan HHK Series. They provide the opportunity to adjust the hammer stroke to 1.5 m. Suitable for deepening pile supports from steel pipes, reinforced concrete, wood. It can be connected to various types of hydraulic systems. Properly thought out frame design allows for low noise during operation. It can also function from a separate power supply.
  • HAMMER Series MHU 100C. They are characterized by simplicity of control and efficiency of about 95%. With their help, you can hammer piles in the water.
  • HARP Series from STARKE. They are capable of striking high energy, providing powerful penetration of piles of various types. They can easily adjust the progress of the hammer and the frequency of impacts, taking into account the state of the soil. It is advisable to apply for driving both round and square piles.

Advantages of hydraulic hammers

  • Due to the installation of a special console in the cab, the driver of the pile driver has the opportunity to adjust the impact energy of the striker, choosing the best option for each case.
  • The provided effective cooling system allows you to operate the unit without stopping around the clock.
  • Hammers are simple in design.
  • Using them, you can easily drive piles even into rocky rocks and frozen soils.
  • Low noise.

In the company “BUR AND THE HAMMER” LLC, you can buy a hydraulic hammer for driving piles into sufficiently strong soil. We offer a wide range of hydraulic hammers, the price of which depends on the design features of the models.

All questions on the purchase of a vibratory hammer you can specify by phone in St.-Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or on the application for info@burmolot.ru