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Гидростанции БМ  

Hydraulic stations “BM”

The company “BUR AND MOLOT” offers hydraulic stations of the brand “BM”.We manufacture hydropower “BM” for connecting and controlling various mechanisms such as: the vibrator (ICE, PVE, Movax), the casing table (Bauer, Lefer, Soilmec, Casagrande), hydraulic (Junttan, BSP, PVE, Liebherr, IHCFundex, Menck), equipment for pile cutting, as well as other mechanisms with hydraulic drive for foundation work. Hydrostations consist of European and domestic components. The diesel engine with air cooling Volvo \ Cummins \ Deutz \ ММЗ – 40 kw. Hydraulic pump Bosch Rexroth \ Parker \ PSM. Electronics (Panel and control panel “BUR AND MOLOT”). We provide a 1-year warranty on the produced hydroelectric power plants.We can produce hydrostation according to the technical specification for foundation engineering equipment. Гидростанции БМ БМ гидростанции Information about hydro plants

All questions on the purchase of a vibratory hammer you can specify by phone in St.-Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or on the application for