Casing tables in a Hammer drill


обсадной стол

The casing table is an auxiliary, but in some cases necessary tool, by means of which bored piles with a diameter of more than 800 mm are produced under the protection of casing pipes. This technique protects the well from water seepage and ensures its safety. This equipment is used when there is a need for great effort in the process of immersion and extraction of casing pipes and other drilling tasks. Casing tables provide an opportunity to significantly reduce financial spending on the creation of wells.

The casing tables are made with high-quality materials. They have a reliable design, tested in different conditions and passed many tests. They are characterized by the following design features:
1. They are able to immerse and remove pipes of different caliber with the concentration of equipment on the tight girth provided by the clamp and clamp.
2. Provide accurate introduction of the casing in the vertical direction, distributing the force on the compressed surface.
3. Can be used with inserts to adapt to a smaller girth diameter.

The casing tables are fixed to the drilling structures permanently. This makes it possible to use the weight of the drilling rig to submerge the casing, increase the life of the torque and increase the reliability of the installation, regardless of the density of the work on the ground.

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