(Русский) ПайлКрашер - метод срубки свай

With different technologies for the production of bored piles after the hardening process, it is required to clean the reinforcement of the pile head from concrete for further creation of the grillage. Several methods can be used to cut the pile head. Our company recommends the method using a special material “PileCrusher”.

PileCrusher is a special product designed for cutting piles up to 3000 mm in diameter, presented by BUR AND MOLOT together with a Japanese corporation, a company with many years of experience in the production of building mixtures for various fields.

PileCrusher is a unique and proven product. This is a special mixture, which is put into the reinforcement cage and, when interacting with the concrete solution, when the pile hardens, forms a break line between the main pile shaft and the head to be removed.

Benefits of using PileCrusher:

  1. The environment is clean, the technology works without unnecessary noise, vibration and dust
  2. The PileCrusher method of cutting piles is safe for employees
  3. The reinforcement cage remains intact when using PileCrusher.
  4. High manufacturability is achieved by simple insertion of a ready-made PileCrusher kit into the reinforcement cage using special metal fittings
  5. Productivity increases tenfold in comparison with manual and mechanized methods of pile cutting
  6. In many projects with hard-to-mechanize piles and large diameter piles, only PileCrusher solves the problem of pile cutting.
  7. PileCrusher is a effective pile cutting solution where you save time, resources and money.

Mechanized felling method cons:

  1. Requires the use of various means of mechanization, such as pile grippers
  2. A large number of people are needed to carry out the work
  3. There is a significant loss of time due to the laboriousness of the process: problems with pointing and putting the pile cutter on the pile, additional cutting of the upper concrete pile hats with improvised means or jackhammers.
  4. There is a risk to the health of employees.
  5. Noise is generated, a lot of dust is generated, which is harmful to the environment.
  6. Locating a pile in a hard-to-reach place does not allow the use of pile grippers.
  7. It is impossible to use the mechanized method when cutting large diameter piles.
  8. Damaged reinforcement cage

BUR AND MOLOT recommends using PileCrusher – a unique and proven product for cutting piles.

BUR AND MOLOT are always glad to cooperate!

Specialists of our company can consult on the use of PileCrusher material. You can ask questions and place an order by phone in St. Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or by requesting info@burmolot.ru