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Piling installations

Piling installations are an indispensable special equipment for arranging the zero cycle of any large structure. They allow not only quickly, at minimal cost, to deepen piles into the base of various complexity categories, but also to compact it. Each pile during the dive is able to compress the soil around itself in a diameter equal to its three cross sections.

It is possible to buy piling installations for driving crawled piles from us. This is the most popular type of piling special equipment – they have considerable weight and high stability. Most often they are used in areas that have a difficult terrain.

Types of piling installations

You can also buy piling installations with a different principle of operation:

  • Vibrating. Piles are deepened by giving them vibrations of a certain frequency. Traditionally used in the arrangement of the zero cycle on loamy and sandy soils containing large quantities of groundwater.
  • Percussion. An increase in the impact power of the hammer is achieved through the use of additional equipment: a diesel engine or hydraulic systems. The air-fuel mixture during ignition emits additional energy, allowing you to raise the hammer to its original position.


  • are easy to manage;
  • allow driving piles from various angles;
  • can be used for driving a variety of pile elements: steel tubular, reinforced concrete, sheet piles;
  • characterized by high reliability and durability;
  • equipped with a telescopic boom;
  • multifunctional;
  • can be used in the construction of zero cycles with difficult geological conditions, for example, to equip coastal structures;
  • provides smooth adjustment of speed and power of the process of driving piles;
  • the operation process is accompanied by a low noise level.

In the company “DRILL AND HAMMER” you can buy piling installations for driving piles of various designs. They can be equipped with various equipment drives: hydraulic, pneumatic or combined. Our catalog contains a wide range of piling installations, the price of which varies depending on the class of the model and the equipment with additional equipment.

If you are faced with the problem of using once or periodically such special equipment for arranging the zero cycle, we can provide you with pile driving equipment for rent. Due to the professional training of our specialists and their solid experience, we can carry out the process of driving various piles at a high quality level. When arranging piling installations for rent, the client is guaranteed their timely service.

Our company provides the opportunity to enjoy Pilling Rigs. For all inquiries please contact by phone (812) 927-93-55. Or write: info@burmolot.ru