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Starke Hydrohammers

Hydrohammers Starke – a certain type of removable attachments installed on piling special equipment or performing work in limbo, using a crane. They are in high demand when driving reinforced concrete, pipe piles and sheet piles due to intensive hammer blows. In terms of its operational parameters, this type of piling equipment exceeds the usual diesel hammers. One of their advantages is the ability to drive piles even in frozen and super dense soils. In addition, a smooth adjustment of the stroke of the shock of the unit. They have hydraulics of improved compact design. It can be operated under geological conditions of increased complexity.

Types of breakers

Starke produces hydrohammers of various capacities:

  • HHP3 series. The hammer has a weight of 3 tons. When the stroke of 1200 mm is capable of striking in the range of 36 … 90 with a force of 36 kN.m.
  • HHP17 series. Equipped with a hammer of 17 tons. With a stroke of 1500 mm, they can strike in the range 30 … 90 with a force of 255 kN.m.
  • Series HHP20. The hammer has a weight of 20 tons, capable of delivering from 30 to 90 beats per minute during a stroke of 1500 mm with a maximum impact energy of 300 kN.m.
  • HHP25 series. Has a hammer stroke of 1,500 mm gain of 25 tons. Impacts are made with an energy of 375 kN.m.
  • HHP35 series. Equipped with a 35 ton hammer. With a stroke of 1500 mm, they are capable of striking in the range of 28 … 80 with a force of 525 kN.m.

Advantages of the Starke breakers

  • They have a wide scope of application.
  • Due to the use of high-strength materials in their manufacture, they guarantee the driving of piles with high power;
  • Can be used for deepening steel tubular, reinforced concrete piles, sheet piles;
  • They are distinguished by multifunctionality, ease of management and maintenance, which make it possible to retrain copiers who are used to working on diesel models in the shortest possible time;
  • Low noise during pile driving;
  • Allow to bury piles without preliminary drilling, even in frozen soil;
  • Equipped with a remote control, enabling the hammer to be controlled from the workplace;
  • It can be operated in both automatic and manual modes.

How it works

The design of the hydraulic hammer consists of two main elements: the control unit and the shock part, consisting of:

  • corps;
  • highways, carrying out pressure and discharge movement of hydraulic fluid;
  • sleeve equipped with a check valve and plunger mechanism;
  • a striker equipped with a piston moving along the guide rods.

The company “BUR AND HAMMER” has the opportunity to buy Starke hydraulic hammers of various capacities for use in various fields. They can be used not only for driving piles, but also for destroying reinforced concrete structures or preparing holes in frozen soil for deepening bearing concrete supports.

We have a wide range of Starke hammers, the price of which depends on the series of models.

If you need hydraulic hammers periodically or for one-time works, we are ready to rent Starke hydraulic hammers for rent. Due to the rich experience of our qualified specialists, the BUR I MOLOT company carries out high-quality driving of piles of various types. At the same time, we provide timely maintenance of rented special equipment.

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