Accessories for Leffer Drilling Rigs

Accessories for Leffer Drilling Rigs

LEFFER offers the following list of optional items. They make it possible to drill wells with maximum efficiency and efficiency. This assortment includes:

  1. Circlips
  2. End Elements (FFE)
  3. Pipe extraction machines
  4. Chisel


They are used to ensure reliable fixation of centralizers and turbulators on casing strings during the construction of gas or oil wells. The retaining rings are installed at the junction of two adjacent pipes. They are mounted using screws.

When drilling wells up to 60 m deep, hardening of their internal surfaces with the help of special cement mortars is certainly carried out. This eliminates the destruction of the walls, which can cause difficulties in the drilling process, and in some cases even stop it.

Bayonet lock rings are used to ensure that the connection is often disconnected. This method of assembly of casing strings makes it possible to carry out the operation of joining adjacent pipes without using a special tool. Reliability of the connection is ensured by turning them along one axis and installing a special gasket.

End Elements (FFE)

They are used to effectively seal pipe joints during the installation of casing strings. Due to their use, a quick installation is ensured, eliminating the possibility of destruction of the walls of the well. It also provides the ability to quickly dismantle it.

The time-tested design is a combination made with high precision of a rigid bolted connection, a rubber gasket, and an appropriate device that provides simple and accurate movement. Such a system guarantees good reliability of the waterproof seal of the end couplings. In addition, this design allows for quick and easy assembly, installation, and, if necessary, dismantling and disassembly.

End elements are indispensable when arranging casing strings with diameters greater than 800 mm. As a standard, they have a width in the range of 550 … 1450 mm. Their thickness varies in the size range of 100 … 150 mm.

Pipe extraction machine

LEFFER offers equipment that can easily remove casing. In addition, it is easily connected to the hydraulic system of a crane or excavator.
The maximum efficiency of the pipe extraction process is made possible by a table equipped with two vibrators. Due to the vibration they create, compaction of concrete is guaranteed in a specific area of ​​the well.

The hydraulic clamp that allows the casing to be lifted can be unblocked without any problems at any time in the workflow and reinstalled on another riser pipe. The clamping device operates under the simultaneous influence of two cylinders:

  1. horizontal, imparting oscillatory motion to the casing;
  2. vertical, providing its immersion or extraction.


For the passage of soil layers having a compressive strength of not more than 1500 kg / cm2, LEFFER offers bits with cutting blades of various configurations. Sizing of hard rocks to category 10 is due to their free fall.

Chisels are widely used in shock-rope drilling of oil, gas and water wells. In addition, they are in high demand when it is impossible to destroy rock inclusions using rotary-rotational technology.

The bit, depending on the hardness of the soil, is used with a different configuration of the working profile, length, weight, centering skirt. Given this parameter, their height ranges from 600 … 1500 mm. In this case, the sharpening of the blade is carried out at an angle in the range of 100 … 1300.

Vertical wall cutter

This is a specific type of power-driven grab. With it, you can drill holes in soils of various levels of hardness with a diameter of up to 5 meters. The jaws of the wall cutter can be either round or angular. Their replacement is carried out in the minimum technically acceptable time.

In addition to drilling the well, this equipment allows you to perform work that excludes the likelihood of destruction of its internal surfaces by creating a suspension layer on the walls.
The smallest vertical wall cutter allows you to dig up walls up to 400 mm wide. A large model can handle a width of 1,500 mm.

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