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The family company Leffer, founded by Hans Leffer in 1946, has for decades been a world leader in the field of drilling equipment. In 2009, its products appeared on the Russian market. According to the main mission of the company, the components of success are people, accuracy and productivity. Thanks to the harmonious cooperation of competent employees and the painstaking fulfillment of tasks, the company becomes a reliable partner who helps to achieve the desired result, even if it is on the verge of technical capabilities.

Leffer equipment is manufactured using modern technologies, therefore it has high operational qualities. These are reliable, durable drilling equipment such as casing tables, grabs and casing pipes that can be used in harsh conditions. Products are resistant to extreme temperatures, high pressure, dynamic loads. The range of drilling rigs includes equipment for various types of soil – from loose soil under water to hard rocky rocks.

Leffer drilling equipment and other products of the company become a reliable foundation for enterprises of various profiles and scales. Structures, equipment and installations are used to create foundations. Foundation work machines are used all over the world: for example, Leffer equipment was used in the construction of Hong Kong skyscrapers.

During the existence of the company, Leffer employees and management have accumulated vast experience that allows us to find unique and correct solutions in any conditions. The entire cycle of work, including manufacturing, delivery and installation, is carried out taking into account strict modern safety requirements and meets environmental standards. The company also provides technical support for facilities, providing maintenance, repair and modernization of structures. Separate accessories are available for equipment and maintenance of equipment, which allow you to adapt the equipment to the specific conditions of the field work.