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Kelly bars and other accessories

Kelly-rod-a device of telescopic design for immersion in the ground of the tool during drilling, as well as the transmission of the force of indentation and torque. It includes from 2 to 5 sections, equipped with spring dampers to limit the dynamic load and mechanical lock. There are several types of Kelly-rods with different ways of connecting to the drilling tool. Each manufacturer gives Kelly a unique configuration, so you need to follow some guidelines when choosing. to the tool Kelly rod< / a>  

To choose and order the right Kelly-rod, you should:

1. Determine the model of drilling equipment, which is planned to install the Kelly-rod.
2. Determine the shape and size of the attachment to the tool for drilling (in most models it is square).
3. Specify the required drilling depth to match the length of the bar and the number of sections.
4. If the drill rotator has been replaced and it is not possible to specify the model, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of the inner sleeve of the rotator, on the basis of which it is possible to make a suitable Kelly. Specialists of our company can consult on the choice of Kelly rods for the equipment of any drilling rigs.

You can ask questions and make an order by phone in St.-Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or on request келли штанга