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Vibratory hammer is designed for immersion in sandy and clay soils and extracting various pile elements such as sheet piles, steel pipe, etc. Robosport vibratory hammer allows in a short period of time to load, the pile element at a defined level. Our company supplies both excavator-type vibrators (excavator is used as a lifting mechanism) and crane-type ones (crane is used as a lifting mechanism).

Excavator vibrators sms series;

Models: s 30 – s40 – s60 – s80 – s120

Sms excavator shaker models are used to install piles, i-beams and other support elements.

For the installation of the sms series, the standard fastening schemes used for all types of tools are used.

Features of the sms series:

  • The power is provided by connecting to the hydraulics of the excavator through three lines – pressure, reverse and discharge
  • The operation of the vibrator is controlled by the operator of the excavator using the standard control panel
  • Harmful vibration effects on special equipment are minimized;
  • Due to the compactness of the equipment, the entire boom height is used when entering large support elements, and an extension for the boom is available on request.

side sealing pars sgm series:

Models: sgm pars 30 – sgm pars 40 -sgm pars 60 -sgm pars 80

Pars sgm series vibrators, intended for working with pipe piles and pipes.

Availability of the side tape allows all the dive / extraction process

Independently without attraction of working or additional equipment.

  • pars sgm vibrators a modular system is the best option for improving performance and profitability, just giving your company more possibilities
  • fit for a wide circle of challenges.
  • equipped to excavators of different models and dimensions – options for track and wheel excavators, for excavators used on railways, etc.
  • suitable for pile of different type, including pipe, two-two, tubular steel pile, wood pave and drill
  • various models and dimensions for execution of a wide rouge of pile works

In the basis of technology, the pars modular system is left allowing to use a vibrator for some problems and different types of piles one side cover.

The device is equipped with a standard electronic angle screen

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