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Starke Piling Rigs

Piling rigs “STARKE” provide an opportunity at the minimum cost to effectively solve the problem of deepening piles when arranging a zero cycle. Such a crawler-mounted hydraulic machine is able to provide fast and silent operation around the clock without days off. STARKE company is known in everything as a reliable manufacturer of special equipment for pile driving. The production of progressive piling installations occupies a leading position in the range of products manufactured by it. Special machinery from the Starke brand is in high demand in the construction of the zero cycle in many countries.

Advantages of the Starke piling rig

  • are versatile;
  • easy to manage;
  • can be used for driving a variety of pile elements: steel tubular, reinforced concrete, sheet piles;
  • durable materials are used for manufacturing, this allows the process of driving piles with high power;
  • characterized by good reliability and durability;
  • due to the compact dimensions of the hydraulic system, it can be used in the construction of zero cycles with difficult geological conditions, for example, for the arrangement of coastal structures;
  • provides the ability to smoothly adjust the speed and power of the pile driving process;
  • operate with low noise;
  • piling installations are reasonably priced.

JB Series

Piling rigs JB can be equipped with various devices and devices according to customer requirements. Able to provide low specific ground pressure, high stability, good multifunctionality.

LH50B Series

The LH50B multi-function caterpillar drilling and piling rigs are powered by Cummins engines. Due to the hydraulic control system, high efficiency and accuracy of operation is guaranteed. An integrated controller makes it much easier to manage. Comprehensive protection is provided by the intended security system device.

Our company provides the opportunity to buy pile driving equipment for driving piles of self-propelled or mobile type. Moreover, they can have a different equipment drive: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or combined. We provide a wide range of Starke piling rigs, the price of which can fluctuate depending on the model class and equipment with additional equipment.

In the event of a one-time or periodic need for special equipment for arranging the zero cycle, we are ready to provide piling installations for rent. The training of our specialists at a high professional level and the availability of solid experience gives us the opportunity to carry out the high-quality process of driving various piles. When arranging piling installations for rent, the client is guaranteed their timely service.

Сваебойные установки Сваебойные установки Starke Сваебойные Starke

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