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Pile driving rigs

The equipment includes side piling rotor for leading drilling, which allows to carry out this type of work without having to remove the breaker.

Our company provides the opportunity to order piling technique with running time on all questions, call (812) 927-93-55.

Pile-Driving Equipment JUNTTAN

Known worldwide Junttan company is engaged in manufacture and sale of equipment for piling. Among the diverse range of equipment is Piling installationare central. For 40 years, the company has advanced the entire construction industry. Junttan Settings proven performance and reliability of pile-driving equipment.

In the development of technology, a lot of attention is paid to work safety and comfort of the operator's station. Also, they are characterized by practicality, very low levels of vibration and noise during operation.


  • the presence of an arrow with horizontal fire, which increases opportunities;
  • compact in the transport position, which allows the transport of standard vehicles indiscriminately construction sites;
  • the possibility of piling a radius on inclined surfaces, which contribute to a low center of gravity of the pile-driving machine, adjustable crawler track and retractable counterweight;
  • the safety and comfort of the workplace;
  • easy maintenance; environmental friendliness thanks to low rates of noise and vibration, as well as the possibility of using in hydraulic systems of biodegradable oil.

Each machine has a price, which depends on the particular model, its class and the availability of additional equipment.

For all your questions about buying pile-driving equipment will respond by phone in St. Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or by request at

Junttan PM20

Junttan PM20Easy installation, designed to work with piles having the following parameters:

  • type – prismatic;
  • material – concrete;
  • length – up to 14 m;
  • the cross-section size of 300×300 / 350×350 mm;
  • weight up to 5 tons.

Pile-driving is equipped with working equipment – hydraulic hammer with the hammer weight up to 5 tons and hydraulic grippers for piles and lifting mechanism.

Junttan PM 25HD

Junttan PM 25HDMiddle-class technique, designed for driving piles with the following parameters:

  • type – reinforced, prismatic;
  • length up to 16 meters;
  • the cross-section size of 300×300 / 350×350 / 400×400 mm;
  • weight up to 6.4 tons.

Structurally, it remind the previous model, but slightly larger in size

Junttan PM25LC

Junttan PM25LCHeavy plant, designed for piling:

  • length up to 16 meters;
  • the cross-section size of 300×300 / 350×350 / 400×400 mm;
  • weight up to 6.4 tons;
  • type – reinforced, prismati.

Our company provides the opportunity to enjoy pile-driving equipment with operating time for all inquiries please contact by phone (812) 927-93-55. Or write: