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Leffer hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs

The hydraulic gripper adjustment with inclination measurement
and display in the cab allows a verticality of the diaphragm wall of 1: 800. The verification can be carried out via a data acquisition and graphical representation of the trench wall profile {patents in many countries).

Mechanical diaphragm wall grabs

The blades can be supplied with angular or semicircular profile. The replacement of the blades, ropes and guide rollers is easy and can be done on the construction site with little time.

The teeth are interchangeable, easy chiseling is possible. All rope and guide rollers have sufficiently dimensioned, maintenance-free, oil-filled bearings.

To solve even harder and rocky formation, a selection of freefall chisels is available. Depending on the nature of the excavating crane and its winches, LEFFER offers one-way or two-way free-fall grabs.

Double rope grab with high closing force is especially suitable for vibration free boring in semi-hard and hard soil conditions.

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