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Leffer tremie pipes

Casings are suitable for producing cased boreholes. Especially in the pile production by the rotary drilling method the precisely fitting casing joints ensure rapid mounting and bolting of the casings as well as optimal power transmission.

Due to the further development of the hydraulic casing oscillator and the development of continuously turning casing rotators we are now in a position to drill cased holes down to a depth of 100 m. As this requires increased strength of the entire casing column, casings are designed for heavy duty applications.


The waterproof, joinable LEFFER tremie pipes are available in all common diameters and lengths.

The LEFFER HD tremie pipes system ensures safe concreting of large diameter piles in very great depths. The high-precision parts fabricated by automatic machining process have a perfect seal and are ideal for air lifting technology.


All questions on the purchase of an oscillator you can specify by phone in St.-Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or on the application for info@burmolot.ru