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Parts Allpacks vibratory hammer

Our company is the official dealer of Allpacks. Represented vibratory hammer series AM and Fm. The vibratory hammer is indispensable in the Foundation and construction works. Represented in the sale of small-size vibratory hammer have a very low noise level and speed. Due to the direct cooperation with the manufacturer, the price level for construction equipment is much lower than the prices offered in the market of St. Petersburg.
Buy vibratory hammers presented on our website or on the manufacturer's website, you can make a request on the website or by calling in St. Petersburg (812) 927-93-55.

Differences series Allpacks vibratory hammers

vibratory hammer AM

vibratorAllpacks vibratory hammer series AM with an adjustable eccentric moment KGM from 0 to the maximum value. In this series of vibrators with a maximum time of 14 to 40кгм. The ability to adjust the eccentric moment allows the use of vibrators in this series are close to buildings, other structures, railway lines, metro.

The vibrators in this series are used in conjunction with hydraulic stations 400VH-800VH.

Allpacks vibratory hammer AM at the customer's request are equipped with clamping drive caps for the dipping pipes of different diameter, pile and other submerged elements.

vibratory hammer series FM

vibratory hammer FM

The FM series vibratory hammers fixed moment most simple to operate and reliable in operation. Well immersion of the elements in soils of low-moderate severity. Vibrators of this series is economical and durable solution.

Models of vibratory hammers fixed moment Allpacks FM available with eccentric torque of 7 KGM 125 KGM.

This model vibrators are used together with hydraulic stations 200VH-1500VH.
Allpacks vibratory hammer FM can be equipped with clamping drive caps for the dipping pipes of different diameter, pile and other elements.

All questions on the purchase of a vibratory hammer you can specify by phone in St.-Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or on the application for info@burmolot.ru

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