If the need for equipment for drilling and piling occurs rarely or once, or there were large amounts of work and own fleet of equipment is not enough, the purchase of new equipment in some situations is impractical. After the work, the machines remain unused for a long time, become obsolete, lose their suitability and bring problems associated with storage. Therefore, the large costs of expensive installations are not justified. For one-time or periodic use it is much more convenient and more profitable to rent the necessary equipment by contacting the company “DRILL and HAMMER”.

The advantages of renting piling and drilling equipment are obvious:
1. Significant cost savings – rental units are much cheaper than buying them.
2. Use of high-quality equipment-there is no need to save money by choosing cheap, but low-quality equipment.
3. You can rent the installation not only in the absence of your own machine, but also in the case of its failure during the work.
4. Rent of equipment is more reliable than buying used equipment in order to save money: the company “BUR and HAMMER” offers only serviceable machines in perfect working condition.
5. Using the services of rent, you do not need to spend time looking for suitable equipment and its purchase.
6. The economic benefit is particularly noticeable if different techniques are needed to perform several tasks.

When renting equipment, the client receives modern equipment without problems associated with its long-term storage, modernization and maintenance. You can get advice and make a request by phone or e-mail.

All questions on the purchase of a vibratory hammer you can specify by phone in St.-Petersburg (812) 927-93-55 or on the application for info@burmolot.ru