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Hydraulic Oil Purification

LLC “BUR & MOLOT” performs water and solid particles removal from the hydraulic oil.

We have the special equipment for chemical analysis and 100% removal of water and 99% removal of solid particles with sizes of 2-5 µm (which corresponds to ISO 13/11/18 purity code).

Water or solid particles contained in oil may lead to decommissioning of expensive equipment and consequently to outage and expensive repair. In order to avoid outage of your machinery we strictly recommend you to perform analysis of hydraulic oil chemistry during each scheduled maintenance and, if necessary, oil purification. If preventive oil purification is performed regularly, hydraulic components lifetime increases. Almost all malfunctions in hydraulic systems are results of water or solid particles presence in the hydraulic oil.

Here are some basic examples of malfunctions resulting from hydraulic oil contamination:

  • Valves breakdown (wear of spool seats).
  • Hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps breakdown (wear, plunger pairs and pumping units blocking).
  • Hydraulic distributor breakdown (wear of spool seats or spools, or their blocking).
  • Increased wear of sealing of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, etc.
  • Hydraulic system overheating.
  • All these malfunctions can be avoided by maintaining of the hydraulic system in appropriate condition.

That will save you more than ten or maybe one hundred thousand roubles paid for equipment repair.


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