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USV 120

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    • Type :Static pile driver ( pressing rig)
    • Model : UVS 120
    • Year of manufacture : 1992

    Technical characteristics

    identity data
    • Maximum pulling down, t. : 120
    • Engine power , kWt : 150
    • Power, kWt : 15
    • Dimensions, m : 9.5 x 6.6 x 16.8


    Static pile driver ( pressing rig) USV-120, is a special self-propelled machine and provides a static up to 40x40 cm without any length limitation, with an indentation force of up to 120 tons.

    Pressing a pile or a dowel into the ground is a reliable and simple way of laying pile foundations and sheet piling. It excludes dynamic and vibration loads on structures, surrounding buildings and structures, as well as noise and shocks during operation.

    The pressing force of 120 tons is ensured by the introduction of a special transfer mechanism. The method of submerging piles into pre-drilled wells is also possible, which allows to work in the conditions of the heaviest soils.

    The force of indentation, kN 600
    Penetration speed, m / min 2
    Installed power, kW 150
    The greatest length of pressed piles, m 14
    Overall dimensions of the installation, m
    -in the working position:
    length 9.5
    width 6,6
    height 16,8